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International Coordinator
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Secondary School of Nursing Ljubljana
Poljanska cesta 61
1000 Ljubljana



There are nine secondary schools of nursing in Slovenia. The secondary School of Nursing is the biggest, counting 1000 female and male students divided into 35 classes, 200 adult students and 90 teachers.

This is a secondary school, which means that it admits mostly 15-year-old students who have finished primary school and who have chosen, after completing one of our programmes, to seek employment in health services, social care or continue their studies at a higer level.


We offer two programmes to our students, the 4-year programme Practical Nurse and a 3-year programme Nursing Assistant. Both programmes consist of general knowledge subjects, professional theoretical subjects, practical education in specialized classrooms, hospital or nursing home practice and additional activities.
The great majority of students (32 classes of 35) study to become a Practical Nurse. For the first two years they practice necessary professional tasks in specialized classrooms to be then able to perform «real« practice in various health institutions during the remaining two years. After they finish their studies, our students can seek employment or they can enrol at university colleges, mostly at the University of Health Care. If they choose to study Medicine, they have first to complete 1-year programme Matura Course and the matura examination.
Some students choose a 3-year programme Nursing Assistant. Practice starts in the first year and it is held exclusively in various nursing homes. After completing their studies, most of them seek employment in nursing homes, other centres of social welfare or they can provide help for tenants at home. Some of them continue their studies for other two years to become Practical Nurse.


We moved into a newly-built school in the autumn of 1997. Our excellent working facilities include: general classrooms, specialized classrooms for health care, first aid, child health care, nutrition, pedicure, physics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, computer science; a big lecture room for 150 people, two sports halls, a cafeteria, a copying room, a locker hall…
Everything is close at hand: health centres and social institutions, the city bus, students’ hostels of residence, other schools. Also the Ljubljana Castle Hill, the centre of the town and the railway station are all located within a walking distance from the school.


Going to school means being young and enjoying in one’s youth. It also means searching for hidden talents and encouraging one’s creativity. Our students take part in various extracurricular activities, a great number of students are actively engaged in voluntary work. They are closely connected to school, they help us organise all kinds of events and they help us create a lively and pleasant working atmosphere.


School year 2017/18
We currently run the project »EU experience for nursing students and teachers« from Erasmus + KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals (Vocational education and training for learners and staff), which will end in May 2018

Finished projects

2016-2018: »Comparison of Barrier Nusing in Medical Facilities in Slovenia, Turkey and Czech republic« from Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training
2014-2016: »Crossing the National Borders- Working Possibilities in Europe« from Erasmus + KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals (Vocational education and training for learners and staff)
2013-2014: LEONARDO DA VINCI- VETPRO: »TENS- Teachers in European nursing schools- let’s cooperate for better education«
2012-2014: COMENIUS- Multilateral School Partnerships: »Sharing is Learning«
2012-2014: LEONARDO DA VINCI- IVT: »Beauty and Healthcare Professionals in the Making«

We are always ready for a new cooperation. Don’t hesitate to contact us!




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